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Avex Brackets


Avex CX Ceramic Brackets

Manufactured for precision and esthetics

Avex ceramic braces aren’t only beautiful—they’re smart too! While some ceramic braces sacrifice performance for looks, Avex ceramic braces utilize the most advanced manufacturing technology available. They’re small and smooth for comfort, and they’re amazingly precise to give you a gorgeous, healthy outcome that will last a lifetime.

What’s special about Avex ceramic braces?


Avex MX Brackets

Manufactured for precision

Unlike some braces, which are made from melted metal, Avex MX brackets are cut from a piece of solid stainless steel, making them sleeker and stronger, with fewer impurities.  We also use a unique computer controlled machining process to ensure every bracket’s dimensions are precisely the same size and shape.

What’s special about Avex ceramic braces?

Opal Seal Syringe

Opal Seal is a revolutionary orthodontic sealant that helps protect your teeth during orthodontic treatment. The unique chemistry provides a physical barrier to plaque and releases and recharges fluoride for additional oral health benefits.

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