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Short-Term Orthodontics

Feel Free to Smile with Confidence!

Your smile is an expression of who you are. If you are not smiling because you have crooked teeth, even if you have had braces before, consider short-term orthodontic treatment to get the beautiful, straight teeth and smile you’ll be proud to show off. Short-term orthodontics, braces or Invisalign in 6 months or less, is available at Gorczyca Orthodontics.  T find an orthodontist in your area for short term orthodontics, visit the American Association of Orthodontics at 

A Solution to Traditional Metal Braces

Clear braces and Invlsalign treatment are available at Gorczyca Orthodontics for both short term and comprehensive orthodontic treatment.   With short-term orthodontics, be sure to check that your provider is indeed an orthodontist, ask how many cases they have treated, and ask to see results. 

Is short-term orthodontics comfortable?

Your orthodontic treatment wither short term comprehensive can be accelerated by a new technology avaialable to orthodontists known as Acceledent. Accledent is a scientifically proven method of pulse technology wror 20 minutes a day to stimulate bone cells to move your teeth faster.  With this methods and short term orthodontics done by an orthodontist, there is no need to compromise on your orthodontic result.  You can recieve an ideal treatment result in a short amount of time from an orthodontist.   Short-term orthodontics of your orthodontist working with your general dentist will prepare you for the ideal cosmetic appearance of your and an ideal healthy and functional bite.

Does short-term orthodontics damage teeth, roots, or gums?

When choosing short term orthodontics, be sure to confirm that your dental provider is an orthodontist trained in a residency trained specialty program. 

Am I a candidate for short-term orthodontics?

Only your orthodontist will be able to decide if short-term orthodontics is right for your specific needs.  If you have questions about short term orthodontics, please call Gorczyca Orthodontics at (925) 757-9000  or call the American Association of Orthodontics or visit them at   

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