Drifting Teeth

DRIFTING TEETH, TEETH MOVING OUT OF POSITION to the side or even further into the mouth, may be a sign of active periodontal disease. If you are an adult and have spaces between your teeth where spaces previously did not exist, you may need to be checked by a periodontist for periodontal disease.

Periodontal Disease Is Acute Inflammation Of Gums

Periodontal disease is characterized by episodes of acute inflammatory attack on bone and gums surrounding teeth. When dental bone is lost, it can lead to mobile teeth which easily move out of position. If your gums have persistent bleeding on gentle probing, you may need treatment by a periodontist for periodontal disease.

Once The Disease Is Under Control, Orthodontic Treatment Can Repair Your Smile

Adults who have had periodontal disease and bone loss can be orthodontically treated to have the dental spaces closed and teeth straightened as long as the disease has been brought under control.

Following your orthodontic treatment, a small wire, a lingual splint, may be placed on the tongue side of your teeth to eliminate tooth mobility and hold your straightened teeth in place where there has been bone loss.

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Move your drifted teeth back together with orthodontic treatment for a strong and healthy smile.

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