Mystery of the Missing Tooth at Downing Street

THE YEAR IS 1997. The place is Whitehall, Central London. At age 43, the youngest Prime Minister since Lord Liverpool of 1812 emerges from 10 Downing Street to make his first official appearance and announce his manifesto to an adoring crowd.

But There’s A Mystery To Be Solved...

Where is Tony Blair’s lower tooth?

Upon closer examination, an astute and logical orthodontist deduces that Tony Blair’s lower tooth is significantly crowded out of the dental arch. This tooth is pushed towards his tongue giving him the appearance of a missing tooth.

More significant, if left untreated, his lower teeth will continue to crowd giving him the appearance of the oldest Prime Minister in British History, Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, age 71.

It’s Simple To Fix...

Significant lower tooth crowding can be simple for you to fix with orthodontic treatment.

If there is excessive lower front tooth width (Bolton Discrepancy), one lower tooth may be removed to restore straightness and give you the appearance of a beautiful smile.

Make Room For A Beautiful Smile

No one up close or in a crowd will ever notice that one of your lower teeth has been removed. Only your orthodontist or dentist will know for sure.

Talk To Us About What Orthodontic Treatment Can Do For Your Smile

Let your teeth help you look your age or younger. Consider orthodontic treatment today and straighten your lower front teeth. Help your teeth look young, like the youngest British Prime Minister in History, William Pitt the Young, 1783, age 24.

This case was treated by Board Certified Orthodontist Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca, Gorczyca Orthodontics, Antioch, California. To schedule a complimentary orthodontic consultation, call us at (925) 757-9000 or visit us at

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