Orthodontic Camouflage of Class III Skeletal Malocclusion

NATURE’S DENTAL CAMOUFLAGE or “dental compensation for a skeletal discrepancy” occurs often in patients with crowded teeth where upper and lower jaws don’t match.

Short-Term Treatment Won’t Solve The Real Problem

If one jaw has tooth crowding and the other spacing, you may already have nature’s dental camouflage. Your teeth may not stick out. However, with simple front tooth alignment with a short term orthodontic treatment only, your teeth would stick out. That’s why short term orthodontics is not a good solution to your problem.

Should you align only your front teeth with short term braces, your jaw mismatch will become more obvious, your teeth will become more protrusive, and you may look much, much worse. Short term straightening will also worsen your bite and make tooth wear and jaw function a problem. You may be told by an orthodontist that you need either jaw surgery or tooth extraction to treat your bite properly. Your treatment also will take twelve to twenty four months.

Extraction Can Produce An Excellent Solution

Surgery with non-extraction is often your fastest treatment option for an ideal result. Other times, extraction can produce an excellent tooth function and appearance. Extraction alone for skeletal jaw mismatch is considered orthodontic camouflage.

Extraction for a big lower jaw with crowding commonly includes removal of both right and left lower first bicuspids. In this case, even with the lower midline initially off, two lower first biscupid teeth were extracted for a excellent result. This excellent result includes facial and tooth symmetry, proper front tooth bite function and proper back tooth grinding function. Most often, extraction of only one biscuspid would not give a symmetrical result with ideal bite function and is therefore usually not favorable.

This Case Was Treated At Gorczyca Orthodontics

This case was treated at Gorczyca Orthodontics by Board Certified Orthodontist Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca.

To learn if orthodontic camouflage could help you achieve the smile, bite, and facial appearance that you desire, please call us at (925) 757-9000.

You and your teeth don’t need to stick out. Find out if orthodontic camouflage by an orthodontist is right for you.

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