Orthodontics and Switzerland

ORTHODONTICS IS LIKE invading the country of Switzerland: it’s easy to get in, but it’s hard to get out.

Orthodontics Isn’t Just Brackets On Teeth...

Facial esthetics are improved, occlusion and function are created, and teeth are moved in three planes of space. Mechanics of force application, science of materials, biology of tooth movement, and anatomy of jaw and joint must be well understood. Tooth positions depend on surrounding bone and periodontium. There’s a lot to know to produce an ideal orthodontic result.

Over one hundred years of research has contributed to the art and science of orthodontics. This is why orthodontists devote over 10,000 hours and many years of full time practice to be experts in the specialty of orthodontics.

In 1914, there were no orthodontists. As dental technologies and techniques evolved, the orthodontic specialty was created to offer advanced patient care.

Ideal Orthodontic Results Take A Specialist

Those who think orthodontic treatment is easy will find they are mistaken. The problem is, being “in over your head” may occur months or years after a patient has started orthodontic treatment.

Trust Your Smile To An Orthodontist

Should you find yourself in a situation where you would like to transfer your care to an orthodontist, you can find one at the American Association of Orthodontists.

This case transferred to Gorczyca Orthodontics in Antioch, CA. Board certified orthodontist Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca works closely with excellent general dentists to create beautiful smiles. You can find her at www.clubbraces.com.

Switzerland is unique. Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes, natural resources, culture, and people.

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