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Shift Your Bite Into High Gear

November 2nd, 2018

WHEN UPPER AND LOWER DENTAL MIDLINES do not line up and the lower jaw moves to the side on closing, these are signs of a bite functional shift.

When The Upper Arch Is Too Small For The Lower...

When the upper arch is too narrow or too small for the lower jaw, the lower jaw is forced to move to the side when closing. The unwanted movement, called a functional shift, temporarily relieves discomfort by creating a maximum tooth biting surface for chewing. The unnecessary jaw movement can be eliminated by upper arch expansion and comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

The Imbalance Can Be Fixed

The upper jaw may also be too small for the face and the lower jaw. This is called maxillary deficiency. The backward position of the upper jaw can be corrected with Class III rubber bands, reverse pull headgear, or an upper jaw surgical advancement procedure.

This case was treated by board certified orthodontist Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca of Gorczyca Orthodontics in Antioch, California.

If you have questions about midlines that don’t line up or a jaw functional shift, call us at 925-757-9000. Visit us at

Straight dental midlines are important. Eliminate your bite functional shift to get your smile into high gear.

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A Reverse Pull Headgear Can Help Prevent Surgery

September 15th, 2016

WHEN UPPER TEETH are behind lower teeth with front tooth crossbite, often there is small upper jaw. A true upper jaw deficiency can be detected early in growing children. As soon as the permanent six year molars come into the mouth, a small upper jaw can be treated by a reverse pull headgear. This type of growth modification treatment with a headgear is best completed by age 15.

Reverse Pull Headgear Can Help A Growing Child's Bite

A reverse pull headgear, also known as a Delaire-type facemask, offers growth stimulation at the maxillary (upper jaw) sutures allowing the upper jaw to be moved forward in a growing child. Headgear treatment is often accompanied with palatal upper jaw expansion, widening the palate to produce a more ideal bite.

Most children with maxillary deficiency, small upper jaw, also have a short face height as well. The slightly downward pull of the elastics of the reverse pull headgear will also help the lower jaw grow downward and backward improving the jaw relationship from a ClassIII bite to a ClassI bite as well as improve facial appearance.

Reverse pull headgears are worn only at home. Twelve to fourteen hours of wear per day is ideal for getting results as quickly as possible.

We'd Love To Answer Your Questions

If you have questions about the need for a reverse pull headgear, call us at Gorczyca Orthodontics in Antioch, California (925) 757-9000. Find us at To find an orthodontist near you, visit the American Association of Orthodontists at

Don't lose the opportunity to modify growth with a reverse pull headgear. Here's to your beautiful face and smile.

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