Creation Of The Chocolate Chip Cookie

May 11th, 2018

WHEN I WAS A girl in Massachusetts, halfway between New Bedford and Boston, my family and I would often drive by The Toll House, a restaurant in Whitman, Mass. The original Toll House was built in 1709. Here passersby could stop for home cooked meals. In this house had lived Mrs. Ruth Wakefield, dietitian and food lecturer who in 1930, accidentally invented the Toll House Cookie.

The First Chocolate Chip Cookie: A Delicious Accident

One day, Mrs. Wakefield was cooking Butter Drop Do Cookies, a favorite New England recipe dating back to Colonial days. She ran out of baker’s chocolate for the recipe, so she decided to use a cut up bar of semi-sweet chocolate instead. She expected the semi sweet chocolate bits to melt. But they didn't. Instead, she had a cookie with lumpy chocolate bits and viola! Chocolate chip cookies had been invented.

Ruth published her recipe in a Boston newspaper and sales of Nestle’s semisweet chocolate spiked. Soon Nestle company started producing Real Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels especially for baking these special cookies. Then in 1939, Andrew Nestle decided to print the cookie recipe on the semi-sweet chocolate morsels package cover.

In return for her serendipitous invention and use of semi-sweet chocolate, Mrs. Wakefield was given a lifetime supply of Nestle’s chocolate.

Ruth Wakefield’s Legacy

Moms and children throughout the world still love the chocolate chip cookie. Mrs. Wakefield’s famous Toll House chocolate chip cookie went on to become the most popular cookie in American, a distinction it still holds today.

Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca is an orthodontist in Antioch, California. She is originally from East Freetown, Massachusetts.

Top image by Flickr user slgckgc used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.

Moms and Invisalign

June 2nd, 2016

MOMS ARE BUSY. On the go, preparing breakfast, driving to and from school, taking the kids to their orthodontist appointments and after school events, Moms are usually the last people to take take of themselves or straighten their own teeth.

Invisalign Is Perfect For Moms On The Go!

Now, it's Mom's turn for a beautiful smile. And with Mom's busy lifestyle, Invisalign is the perfect solution for tooth straightening.

Invisalign clear aligners are removable and comfortable to wear. The Invisalign aligners allow Mom to eat whatever she wants. They are easy to live with and will not add additional stress to Mom's life.

Invisalign Makes Everyday Oral Care Easy

Because the Invisalign aligners are removable, brushing and flossing will also be normally done to keep Mom's teeth and gums healthy. Mom can come in for Invisalign appointments every 8 to 10 weeks and speed up her treatment with Acceledent to keep the time in the office and time in treatment to a minimum.

If you are interested in getting Invisalign treatment for yourself or the mother in your life, call us at Gorczyca Orthodontics for a free orthodontic Invisalign consultation. Call us at (925)757-9000 or find us at in Antioch, California.

We love Moms!

Here's to Mom's new Invisalign smile!

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