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Who is The Tooth Fairy and Where Did She Come From?

February 28th, 2017

COMPARED TO SANTA AND THE EASTER BUNNY, the Tooth Fairy has been relatively new on the childhood scene. Sometimes called "American's only fairy," she first appeared in 1927 in print, in The Tooth Fairy by Ester Watkins Arnold.

The Legend of The Tooth Fairy

Although never seen, we imagine the Tooth Fairy to look like a Disney fairy with wings, flying in a beautiful gown through the air with her magic wand.

The Tooth Fairy allows baby teeth to be put to rest. In this way, she plays a purposeful role in the disposal of baby teeth. The Tooth Fairy wants children to take comfort in losing their baby teeth by thinking of the excitement of becoming a grown up and receiving a monetary reward.

The tooth fairy is generous. In 2016, when leaving a baby tooth under a pillow, the average tooth fairy reward was $4.66, a .75 cent increase from 2015.

The Tooth Fairy Cares About Your Teeth!

Like the dentist, the tooth fairy wants every adult to maintain all of their permanent teeth for life. That's why she gives no reward for lost adult permanent teeth.

On February 28th we celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day. Let's remember the Tooth Fairy and thank her for her fine work. To learn more about the Tooth Fairy, visit www.toothfairy.org.

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Protect Your Face When Playing Baseball

April 22nd, 2016

WE DON’T THINK OF baseball as a contact sport. Yet, baseball is the sports leader in facial injuries to children and teenagers.

The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) of the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that more than a quarter million children ages 5 to 14 are injured playing baseball each year.

Stray Baseballs Can Do A Lot Of Damage

Along with basketball, baseball accounts for nearly half of all sports-related injuries. An estimated 50,000+ baseball facial injuries occur each year to players ages 5 to 15 which required emergency room treatment.

Catastrophic injuries also occur when baseball players are struck in the head with the ball or bat. As small as this number is, baseball still has the highest fatality rate among all sports.

If your child plays baseball, please have your child wear safety gear including a facemask helmet and a sports mouth guard.

Proper Sports Protection Is Key To Avoiding Injury

Orthodontist, Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca has seen many children lose teeth due to baseball related injuries when mouth guards are not worn. These accidents include teeth being hit by a foul ball or a ball bouncing up and hitting the player in the mouth. She recommends that every baseball or softball player wear a mouth guard at all times when playing the sport.

We Can Help Your Athlete With Their Home Run Smile!

If you have questions about custom made sports mouth guards or tooth straightening with or witout a facial injury, please call Dr. Gorczyca at (925) 757-9000 in Antioch, California for a complimentary orthodontic evaluation. Find us at www.clubbraces.com.

Let your child play and be safe at the next baseball or softball game. Provide a helmet and mouth guard. Give your child the benefit of facial protection.

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