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Perfect Your Bite With A Tooth Positioner

July 27th, 2018

ONCE YOUR BRACES are off, a tooth positioner is an excellent finishing device which you may want to add to your orthodontic treatment.

What Is A Tooth Positioner?

A tooth positioner can be used as a removable retainer under special circumstances. It has the advantages of being able to relate the upper teeth to the lower teeth in the ideal bite position, something that two separate retainers cannot do. A positioner also has the ability to close small spaces between the back teeth left by orthodontic bands. These spaces usually close up over a few months after braces are removed, but a tooth positioner can speed up this process.

How Do Tooth Positioners Work?

Tooth positioners are usually worn 4 hours per day when awake and during sleep. Actively biting into your tooth positioner when you wear it will help the tooth positioner work at moving your teeth. The force of your jaw will help move your teeth to their final position.

A tooth positioner may be used to improve your bite, but they do not make good long term retainers. Positioners do not retain front teeth straightness long term as well as standard removable Hawley retainers. Tooth positioners are also bulking and take away your ability to speak. They are flexible and soft, similar to a mouth guard. If worn over a long period of time, the positioner will tend to tear and wear out. So once your positioner work is done, it’s good to receive and wear your final retainers.

Who Should Use A Tooth Positioner?

Overbite tends to increase with the wear of a tooth positioner. Tooth positioner use is desirable with mild open bites. A tooth positioner may be beneficial at the end of Invisalign treatment where upper and lower teeth have been slightly separated by aligner wear and a slight open bite may exist at the end of treatment.

Tooth positioners are usually not included in standard orthodontic treatment but may be beneficial to further perfect your bite after the braces come off. Like mouthguards, tooth positioners come in a variety of colors. There are even flavored tooth positioners.

A short amount of time in a tooth positioner can make a big difference in your bite. Ask your orthodontist if a tooth positioner may be right for you. If your orthodontist recommends a tooth positioner, go for it. It will be well worth the short time and extra effort for a beautiful and more perfect bite.

Bring Us Your Tooth Positioner Questions!

If you have questions about tooth positioners, visit us at Gorczyca Orthodontics in Antioch, California. Call us at 925-757-9000 or visit us at

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Sports Mouth Guard Love Story

May 8th, 2015

WHEN I THINK OF DENTAL SPORTS mouth guards, I think of my cousin John. Always the scholar athelete, a few seconds without his dental mouth guard caused him to lose an upper front tooth while wrestling in high school.

It has been reported that sports cause approximately 36% of injuries to children and adolescents. According to the American Dental Association, 10-20% of all sports related injuries are to the jaws and teeth.

Get Your Sports Mouth Guard At Gorczyca Orthodontics

For this reason, Orthodontist Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca of Antioch, California offers custom-made sports mouth guards at Gorczyca Orthodontics.

Having recently returned from the office of Dr. Todd Yerondopoulos, Dentist of the Oakland Raiders, Dr. Gorczyca and her assistant Ashley are ready to serve local athletes in the fabrication of professional grade sports mouth guards. Custom designs are also available for Deer Valley High School, Antioch H.S., Pittsburg H.S., as well as Liberty, Freedom, and Heritage High Schools in Brentwood, California. Our goal is to prevent sports related dental injuries in our East Contra County community.

But What Ever Happened To Dr. Gorczyca’s Cousin?

What happened next to Dr. Gorczyca’s cousin is the stuff of dental legend. Making the best of the situation, John visited Boston University Dental School for his dental implant, where he became the patient of a beautiful and charming dental student named Maria.

He was so impressed with her passion for dentistry and his love for his new dental implant that he decided to marry her! Thirty four years later, John is the father of three and a leading orthopaedic trauma surgeon, making for a romantic ending to this “toothsome” tale.

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