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Jolene Celebrates 20 Years at Gorczyca Orthodontics

July 17th, 2018

TIME FLIES WHEN you're having fun. It’s hard to believe that Jolene has already spent 20 years with us at Gorczyca Orthodontics.

A Pillar Of Our Practice

It seems like just yesterday we were interviewing Jolene in our first office back on Lone Tree Way, Antioch, California. Jolene has been a backbone of Gorczyca Orthodontics for 20 years. Jolene is also a 38-year RDA veteran, having worked in pediatric dentistry before coming to orthodontics full-time.

Jolene’s excellence and experience as well as her outstanding customer service and love of her patients has made her a valuable asset to Gorczyca Orthodontics. We are thankful to Jolene for her loyalty and professionalism.
We appreciate all that she does.

Over the past 20 years, Jolene has personally trained more than 38 dental assistants who have gone on to become registered dental assistants (RDAs) in orthodontic practices all over Northern California. For her excellence and commitment to continuing education, Jolene was placed on the advisory board of Diablo Valley College, the college she once attended.

Dr. Gorczyca says “It has been a privilege to work with Jolene all of these years. Jolene is both humble and confident. She has been my right hand person for many years. She is loved by all of her patients. She is always the first to help me, a patient, or another dental assistant. She truly loves what she does, and it shows. She continues to grow and advance in her profession. She always does the right thing at Gorcyzca Orthodontics and she always follows through on every task which she undertakes. She is a true leader. We have been so fortunate to have Jolene with us 20 years at Gorczyca Orthodontics.”

Looking Forward To More Years Together!

Jolene has no intention of retiring. Neither does Dr. Gorczyca. Both plan to keep on creating beautiful smiles for as long as they can.

Thank you Jolene for all you have done for your patients and for all of us at Gorczyca Orthodontics. You are the best person we ever could ever have had for our organization. We are all so fortunate to be able to work with you for 20 years.

Gorczyca Orthodontics, 5201 Deer Valley Road, Suite 1A, Antioch, California 925-757-9000 www.clubbraces.com

Thank You For Choosing Gorczyca Orthodontics

July 6th, 2018

WE LOVE BEING your orthodontic health care providers and having you as part of our orthodontic team. Thank you for choosing Gorczyca Orthodontics.

Whether it’s Roberta taking your initial office phone call, Veronica welcoming you for your initial orthodontic exam, Katie doing your initial orthodontic records, Gwen or Jolene putting on your new braces, or planning and delivering your Invisalign treatment with Dr. Gorczyca, we feel privileged to have you as a patient at Gorczyca Orthodontics.

We Have The Best Patients

We appreciate you and cannot wait to see you back at your next orthodontic visit. We consider having you as a patient for life fun, and we look forward to hearing about you and your family and your activities. We care about you and want your orthodontic journey to be a great experience. We feel honored to also serve your family and friends.

Than you for trusting us with your new smile. We look forward to giving you the smile of your dreams and delivering orthodontic excellence. You make Gorczyca Orthodontics fun and bring a smile to our faces.

Thank You For Your Reviews And Referrals

We cannot thank you enough for your referrals to Gorczyca Orthodontics. Your friends are our friends. Thank you for being part of our orthodontic family and team.

Thank you for recommending us to your family and friends. Thank you for your 5 star reviews on Yelp and Google. You have truly touched our lives and we hope that we have touched yours.

How Could We Do Better?

We invite you to let us know what we could do to make our orthodontic office even better in giving you the personalized attention you deserve. Please take a moment at our front desk to fill out our customer survey and let us know how we can serve you even better.

Gorczyca Orthodontics, Antioch, California 925-757-9000. www.clubbraces.com

Your smile truly is our inspiration.

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Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week at Gorczyca Orthodontics

June 8th, 2018

IN RECOGNITION OF ALL you do, thanks to the team at Gorczyca Orthodontics in celebration of Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week!

Together, you make it possible for us to deliver the life-changing orthodontic treatment we give to our patients. You are a team of caring professionals working together to serve valued patients. You have worked with thousands of patients, giving them the smiles of their dreams. Your contributions deserve thanks and recognition.

Our Great Team

So whether it’s Jolene celebrating her 20 year anniversary at Gorczyca Orthodontics, Veronica checking insurance for an new exam, Katie taking initial records, Gwen placing braces, or Roberta preparing a financial contract, all of you are important to our team and your contributions count. Dr. Gorczyca and our patients appreciate all that you do for them and we are thankful for our time together!

We are blessed to be able to work in the profession of orthodontics. We work together to deliver orthodontic clinical excellence and outstanding customer service so that our patients can have a great orthodontic experience. Smiles change lives and you have changed a lot of lives. Over 10,000 in fact! Smiles truly are your inspiration!

Thanks For All You Do

So here’s to celebrating you! Way to go! Great job! Brava! Thanks for your devotion and for being the team at Gorczyca Orthodontics.

Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca, Gorczyca Orthodontics, Antioch, CA 925-757-9000. www.clubbraces.com

On Braces Debond Day, We Throw Happiness Around Like Confetti!

October 6th, 2017

YOU’VE WORKED HARD for a beautiful smile. On Debond Day, we want to celebrate all that you have achieved on your braces journey. We’re ready to celebrate your new smile happiness with you and throw kindness and smiles around like confetti.

Happy Debond Day!

That’s why at Gorczyca Orthodontics, we schedule a special Debond Day each month to celebrate with everyone getting their braces off on their special day. This is a special day and one that you will remember for the rest of your life. We want to make sure it’s a great one.

Our team of customer service leaders is ready to make this fun day memorable. We also want to say “Thank You” for choosing Gorczyca Orthodontics for your beautiful new smile. It has been an honor to serve you. It’s also been fun!

Your Braces Are Off! Time To Celebrate!

So, as you get your braces off, live it up! Sing a song! Let out a cheer! Hoorah! You’re braces are off, your teeth are straight and you look great! You’ve got a gorgeous new smile, the smile of your dreams!

Gorczyca Orthodontics, 5201 Deer Valley Road, Antioch, California (925) 757-9000 clubbraces.com. Call our office today for a free orthodontic exam. Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca, orthodontist, Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics

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Attitude is Everything: Dana at Gorczyca Orthodontics

July 21st, 2017

“AS RECORDS COORDINATOR at Gorczyca Orthodontics, each day I have the opportunity to deliver a ‘Yes!’ attitude to my patients. We offer same-day starts so a new patient can complete their orthodontic records on the same day as their initial exam as well as get their braces. This offers the patient an excellent time-saving service and convenience.”

“We also take final records at the last retainer check appointment. It is my responsibility to do as much as I can for the patient at the time of their appointment. This saves patients precious time which they can spend doing something else that they love with those they love.”

I Love Seeing Patients' Lives Transform

“I have been working as an orthodontic assistant my entire career. What I love most about dental assisting in orthodontics is seeing the transformation in confidence that orthodontic treatment can make in a patient's life. Not only are the patient's teeth straight, healthy, and beautiful, but their overall personality shows more confidence and happiness. It is a wonderful feeling to be part of this life-changing process. Smiles really do change lives!”

Having A ‘Yes!’ Attitude Makes All The Difference

“When ‘Yes!’ attitudes are part of the office culture, care, and climate, working as part of the team becomes fun. Attendance is reliable and there is a high energy level of team trust, engagement, and enthusiasm. In a stress-free environment, we are able to direct our focus and attention exclusively on our patients. When everyone on the team gets along and is friendly, committed, and accountable, it creates a nice, helpful, and welcoming environment for the patient, and for each other. With ‘Yes!’ attitudes, we are able to deliver the best patient care possible and have the patient journey be a great patient experience.”

“Attitude is everything and I love being part of the high energy, ‘Yes!’ attitude, patient focused team at Gorczyca Orthodontics.”

-Dana, RDA at Gorczyca Orthodontics

Visit us at www.clubbraces.com Find us at 5201 Deer Valley Road, Suite 1A in Antioch, California. Call us at (925) 757-9000 for a complimentary exam.

And check out Dana's testimonial on 105 of our new book "At Your Service!"

“Your Smile is Our Inspiration”

Office Cleanliness is Everyone's Responsibility - Patti at Gorczyca Orthodontics

June 21st, 2017

“I HAVE A VERY important job at Gorczyca Orthodontics, Office Cleanliness Coordinator. This is an important aspect of dental assisting teamwork since no one should leave things in the office for someone else on the team to clean. Patients must never see an untidy office.”

Office Cleanliness Is Incredibly Important

“Having a special office clean-up day gives everyone in the office a chance to get organized, get caught up, and get cleaned up. Office cleanliness needs continuous time and attention.”

I Love Working In Our Office

“I love working in the orthodontic office and working in dentistry. Besides making the office sparkle, and assisting the doctor with orthodontic patients, my job duties also include sterilization, lab duties, and clear retainer and mouthguard fabrication.”

“Office preparedness is everyone's responsibility. Being the OCC at Gorczyca Orthodontics and working as an orthodontic dental assistant, and lab and maintenance coordinator is perfect for me!”


Gorczyca Orthodontics, 5201 Deer Valley Road, Suite 1A, Antioch, CA www.clubbraces.com

“I Love Getting to Know Patients and Being Part of a Team”- Gwen at Gorczyca Orthodontics

June 5th, 2017

“MY FRIENDS TOLD ME I would LOVE dental assisting. They were right, I do!”

“I enjoy the fast pace of the orthodontic office. As an orthodontic assistant at Gorczyca Orthodontics, I have my own chair, my own schedule, and ownership of my patient's experience.”

I Love Getting To Know Our Patients

“As I seat my orthodontic patient and get them prepared to see Dr. Gorczyca, my patient and I have the opportunity for small talk and getting to know each other on a personal level. After one to two years of bi-monthly visits, we usually know each other very well. We have built a relationship. Getting to know my patients and their families is my favorite part of my job.”

“Everyone on our team at Gorczyca Orthodontics is very welcoming. We are aligned to give the best patient experience possible. Patient happiness is what our orthodontic office is all about.

In Our Practice, We Work As A Team

“I also enjoy being part of the outstanding team of customer service leaders. Our team is very close. Every team member helps the others out. No one works alone or has an unfair work burden. We're a team working together.

“Clinical excellence, outstanding customer service, and a great patient experience are our individual and team core values. We use these to stay focused and always put the patient first in our daily clinical and office decisions.”

“Orthodontics is fascinating. We change lives by creating beautiful smiles. Our patients’ smiles and happiness truly are our inspiration.”

-Gwen at Gorczyca Orthodontics

Gorczyca Orthodontics, 5201 Deer Valley Road, Suite 1A, Antioch, CA (925) 757-9000 www.clubbraces.com

March Madness: Why Our Orthodontic Team Loves Coach K

March 24th, 2017

MARCH IS THE SEASON OF COLLEGE BASKETBALL, and at Gorczyca Orthodontics, it is the season of Duke's basketball Coach K.

We Love Coach K!

We just love Coach K! At Gorczyca Orthodontics, we're a team. Just like at basketball team, 5 on the court working together to accomplish a goal, we work together closely and seamlessly at Gorczyca Orthodontics to deliver orthodontic clinical excellence, outstanding customer service, and a great patient experience.

There is no one who knows and describes teamwork better than Coach K. As a team at Gorczyca Orthodontics, Dr. G, Jolene, Veronica, Pam, Roberta, Dana, Gwen, and Patti have followed many of Coach K's leadership and team building principles in the selection and development of their own leadership team.

At Gorczyca Orthodontics, we practice that "Always the truth shall be spoken." We keep our "heads in the game" and believe in occasionally using Coach K's F word: "FOCUS!"

At huddles and in team meetings, Dr. Gorczyca will often think "What would Coach K say?" Coach K is also Polish just like her and has a name "Kryzewski" with many of the same consonants and just as hard to spell.

It's All About Teamwork

At Gorczyca Orthodontics, we spell teamwork TOCARE: Trust, Ownership, Communication, Accountability, Results, and Excellence. This is what Gorczyca Orthodontics strives for as a team every day. These are the characteristics we select for and develop in each of our team members.

To give rival UNC a little attention, Gorczyca Orthodontics also likes legendary basketball coach Roy Williams. Like Coach Williams, Dr. Gorczyca requires "If you want to be part of the team, do something. Be part of the team." Just like Coach Williams, Dr. Gorczyca doesn't allow her team members to "just go through the motions."

There's a lot we can all learn from college basketball. One thing you can be sure of is that you will find an engaged, winning orthodontic team at Gorczyca Orthodontics. Come get your "head in the game" at Gorczyca Orthodontics. Join us for a beautiful smile, straight teeth, teamwork, March Madness, and little Coach K.

Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca, Orthodontist

Gorczyca Orthodontics, 5201 Deer Valley Road, Antioch, CA 925-757-9000, http://www.clubbraces.com/

Getting To Know Our Team Members: Spotlight On Dana!

August 11th, 2016

AS YOU KNOW, HERE at Gorczyca Orthodontics, we’re honored to have you as our valued patient! Our goal is ALWAYS remarkable, one-to-one patient care... Thanks to our amazing team members!

Gorczyca Orthodontics Is Growing!

Gorczyca Orthodontics is thrilled to welcome our newest Registered Dental Assistant, Dana.

A Little About Dana, In Her Own Words

I am originally from Victoria British Columbia, Canada. I came to California when I was 27 years old and went to school at Huntington Dental College in Huntington Beach, California. I got married and started working in my first dental office where I met my husband who was a patient.

I left that office to and started working as an orthodontic assistant in the office of orthodontist Dr. Gary Devian in Yorba Linda, California. I just loved it! After that, I always wanted to be an orthodontic assistant.

We recently put Dana in the hot seat and asked her some questions so you can get to know her better...

When you’re not here working, what are your favorite things to do?

On my day off, we like to go boating and camping. I live in Discovery Bay with my husband and son who will soon be 10. We like to wake board and ride dirt bikes. We live on the water so we get out on the water almost every day in the summer time.

When you first started working here, what were your first impressions of the office and the team? Have those impressions changed?

I think everyone at Gorczyca Orthodontics is very nice, helpful, and welcoming. We have a very happy team and working with the orthodontic patients is a lot of fun.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love seeing the patients start treatment from the beginning of orthodontics and make the step by step progress which truly tranforms their life. Not only are the teeth straight but their overall personally shows more confidence an happiness. It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of this and be able to give this gift to our patients.

I will be doing the initial orthodontic records and final orthodontic records at Gorczyca Orthodontics. I will be working Tuesday through Thursday as well as Fridays. After the examination with Dr. Gorczyca, this will be the first step toward starting your orthodontic treatment. If you need to schedule your orthodontic records, please give me a call!

We’re So Happy To Have Dana As A Member Of Our Team!

At Gorczyca Orthodontics we have three goals:

  • Clinical excellence,
  • Outstanding customer service,
  • and a Great patient experience.

Thank you Dana for being part of our Gorczyca Orthodontics team!

As one of our valued patients, if you have your own question for Dana, please ask in the comments section below! Also, you can always send us a message on Facebook anytime.

We look forward to seeing you at your next visit! Thanks for the trust you place in our practice.

Getting To Know Our Team Members: Spotlight On Patti!

October 6th, 2015

AS YOU KNOW, HERE at Gorczyca Orthodontics, we’re honored to have you as our valued patient! Our goal is ALWAYS remarkable, one-to-one patient care... Thanks to our amazing team members!

Today, we’d like to tell you a little bit about one of the awesome people who helps make this possible: Patti!

A Little About Patti

Patti was born in Mexico City. It was very crowded there. She and her family decided to move to California when she was 19 years old. She and her family moved to East Contra Costa County ten years ago.

Patti always wanted to be a dental assistant. Recently, her dream came true when she joined Gorczyca Orthodontics. Dr. Gorczyca interviewed her smiling face, felt her tender heart, and enthusiasm for orthodontics and hired her on the spot!

We recently put Patti in the hot seat and asked her some questions so you can get to know her better...

When you’re not here working, what are your favorite things to do?

Patti is very involved with her church. She also has four grown children and a husband. She has also been running her own housecleaning business for seven years.

Patti also loves to dance. Her favorite dance is Salsa! She and her husband go dancing once a month!

When you first started working here, what were your first impressions of the office and the team? Have those impressions changed?

Patti's first impression of Gorczyca Orthodontics was F-U-N! with a capitol F! She loves how we treat our patients. We are all so excited about orthodontic treatment.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Patti's favorite thing about her job at Gorczyca Orthodontics is that we have the opportunity to learn something new everyday, whether it is a new orthodontic procedure or technology, something new from the patient, or something new about our community or referring offices. There is never a dull moment at Gorczyca Orthodontics.

Why We Love Having Patti On Our Team

Patti is the office's cleanliness expert. Clean is her middle name. Gorczyca Orthodontics has never been so clean as it is now with Patti. We have shiny windows and window paynes, shiny mirror, shiny sinks, and uncluttered counter-tops.

Patti is also Gorczyca Orthodontics Lab Diva! Her overlay retainers are superb and her impression and study models are beautiful. There's nothing like a job well done. Thank you Patti for joining our team at Gorczyca Orthodontics!

We’re So Happy To Have Patti As A Member Of Our Team!

As one of our valued patients, if you have your own question for Patti, please ask in the comments section below! Also, you can always send us a message on Facebook anytime.

We look forward to seeing you at your next visit! Thanks for the trust you place in our practice.

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